Eugene Greene, Sr.  Post & Auxiliary# 48

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November 12, 2016 we hosted the first Korean War Veteran Honor Ceremony.  The enthusiastic response to our invitation by Korean War Veterans was encouraging, but it was soon overshadowed by the solemness of the occasion.  

The Consulate General of Korea, Moon Duk Ho, was accompanied by his staff to present the Korean Medal of Peace as well as a Certificate of Appreciation to the veterans for keeping of South Korea. In his speech, Moon Duk Ho said, "The Korean War is referred to by many as "The Forgotten War."  I refer to it as "The Forgotten Victory."  

What began as an idea to simply  honor veterans became a culture exchange.  The family of posts namesake, Eugene Greene, Sr. provided our war dancer.  The Korean community in Oregon brought their farm dancers.  Together, both groups found awe in each others performance and new friendships were made.

This year we will welcome a new Consulate General and his country's warriors, the Tai Kwon Do fighters. Please join us for a beautiful gathering on October 6, 2018.  Details wi

Korean War 1950 - 1953
The namesake for Unit 48, Eugene Greene, Sr. was a Korean War Veteran.  In honor of his service, we share the various educational resources about the Korean War so that is does not remain "the forgotten war."

Korean War Memorials - Oregon

Operation Chromite (2016)